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Korean Sheet Mask Box

Korean Sheet Mask Box

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Get 5 Korean sheet masks per month with the UK’s first Korean face mask subscription

Indulge in a Spa Experience at Home

Receive a curated collection of 5 premium Korean sheet masks every month — your weekly secret to a glowing complexion. Each mask is hand–picked in the trendsetting Myeongdong district of Seoul, giving you access to some of the most sought-after masks that are usually hidden gems exclusive to Korea.
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“I really look forward to when my delivery comes in the post each month. You get really high quality sheet masks (you just cant get the same quality anywhere else in the Uk) for a really good price, and sonagi make sure to make it personal with hand written notes and free masks every so often.”
Asz on TrustPilot
3 reviews
Love sonagi!!
Love sonagi. I really look forward to when my delivery comes in the post each month. You get really high quality sheet masks (you just cant get the same quality anywhere else in the Uk) for a really good price, and sonagi make sure to make it personal with hand written notes and free masks every so often.
I would reccomend this to anyone who wants to pamper themselves and practice some self care each month, but who is also on a budget!!
Thank you Sonagi :)
Patricia Malebati on TrustPilot
9 reviews
Excellent K-Beauty mask subscription
Absolutely thrilled with my Sonagi mask subscription! As someone in their early 40s, taking care of my skin has become top priority. This subscription has been a game changer. Not only are the masks luxurious and effective, but I feel they are tailored for my skin. I've noticed a significant improvement in hydration and overall radiance. They are delivered really quickly and love the personalised notes that come with. Very cute! Highly recommend for anyone looking to step up their skincare game! :)
Mimi on TrustPilot
4 reviews
Great mask subscription service
Great mask subscription service. The masks themselves are amazing and just what you need sometimes to pamper yourself. Also the customer service is amazing, very professional, helpful and super friendly.
Brittany on TrustPilot
14 reviews
I love my masks!
I love this subscription! The quality of the masks is clearly high quality and not your generic cheap brands. I look forward to every delivery because I know how high the quality is and it's a fabulous company. Highly recommend this box.
Bex Hewitt on TrustPilot
3 reviews
Was unsure how to pause order and they…
Was unsure how to pause order and they responded quickly and helpfully. My masks are fab! Good company
Amber on TrustPilot
1 review
Very useful!
Korean skincare is very in right now and I’m sure it will rightly remain so, lovely staff and so polite, and very reasonably priced too! It’s a good investment for your skin. It comes with a sheet of descriptions of what each mask does which is helpful and they welcome suggestions too!
Sienna on TrustPilot
1 review
I was pretty nervous because I've never…
I was pretty nervous because I've never ordered anything like this, but let me tell you it was FANTASTIC! It came so so quickly, the masks were literally my dream masks, couldn't find them anywhere else and when I did they were so expensive! This is pretty much free masks compared to prices other people are selling them as! They're so cheap here woop!!!
Zoltan on TrustPilot
6 reviews
Amazing Results
These face masks are superb. I usually use them for 30 mins and then squeeze the leftover liquid out and apply it to my skin and neck just to make the most of it! My skin is super hydrated and glowing right after usage.
I usually use it once a week before bedtime to replace my general skincare routine. I wake up to a nicely hydrated, smooth skin.
It is really worth the money so if you love skincare like I do, go get these masks!
Samantha Pereira on TrustPilot
2 reviews
A brilliant subscription service for skincare
A brilliant subscription service for customers who love Korean skincare and/or sheet masks. They curate such a great combination that every month I get excited when I receive my parcel. Such good value for money considering it’s very difficult to get Korean skincare in the UK. Highly recommended. So glad I stumbled upon this!!
Josie on TrustPilot
3 reviews
Amazing Company and Lovely Masks
Such a great company, really helpful and kind staff. The face masks are amazing and good value too. A great way to make sure you regularly use face masks. They also have nice little add-ons.
Hannah on TrustPilot
7 reviews
Highly recommend Sonagi
I look forward to receiving my envelope every month, I have nothing but good things to say about the service and the masks.
Delivery is always quick and masks arrive in perfect condition. The masks themselves are excellent value for money, I've ditched buying high street brands now. I'm not quite sure how they provide these masks for the price of a subscription! The masks are excellent quality, I have very sensitive, combo skin and I've not had a single reaction to any mask, my skin loves them all so far. The info sheet that comes with each delivery is really helpful too and a great touch.
I haven't really needed to use the customer service but the communications are always friendly and the extra mask and handwritten note in one of my deliveries was a lovely surprise and really makes you feel valued as a customer.
I've recommended the subscription service to several people already, definitely do it if you're considering it!
Celine D on TrustPilot
3 reviews
Amazing quality masks and customer care
I've had my Sonagi membership for a little while now. As someone who's been falling in love with K skincare over and over again, it was tough to figure out by myself what all the face masks were for and which ones to pick. I needed someone I could trust with quality products and expert knowledge. This is exactly what the Sonagi team does for me!
There is literally nothing more exciting than receiving my monthly order. I love the attention to detail (the person packing the orders regularly leaves a personal little note) and the handy guide that comes in every parcel. Also, the masks are packed in a letterbox-friendly envelope, so you don't need to worry about missing the delivery.
Natthavee Ruayboonsong on TrustPilot
8 reviews
I’ve been using sonagi for monthly…
I’ve been using sonagi for monthly subscription I’m very pleased with the products selection of the face masks and with a very reasonable price+efficient customer service there’s nothing bad to say about. Natthavee:)
Afeefa on TrustPilot
2 reviews
The BEST! What are you waiting for?! Korean skincare should be in everyone's routine! Use my discount code AF3EFA for 25% off your subscriptions! You're missing out by not subscribing! Been using for 2 months and wish I found it much earlier!xxx
Sharyse Barnes on TrustPilot
1 review
Lovely experience
I love the Sonagi brand! My masks arrived really quickly and I was so excited to try them out, the two I’ve tried so far have been great so looking forward to what masks I’ll receive in May.
This subscription service really stands out from others because it provides k beauty masks that can be hard to get in the UK and I love being able to try new brands I haven’t heard of and ones I’ve had on my wish list too.
Miss Alice on TrustPilot
5 reviews
Sonagi is a gem ✨
I love this brand. I was always a fan of skin care and especially face masks. I am so excited every time I ger my parcel. I love the variety and the stickers. Customer service is great and they take such good care of the customers. ✨
Eva A on TrustPilot
4 reviews
Good service 👌🏼
I’m very satisfied with this subscription. I’ve received two deliveries so far and have enjoyed the masks included. Delivery has been on time, and communication from the seller is excellent.
Ipshita on TrustPilot
1 review
Love the face masks
The subscription service is so good- delivery was speedy and the face masks are of high quality and are very good for my skin.
Definitely recommend!
Aurora on TrustPilot
1 review
Absolutely love this subscription
Absolutely love this subscription! I'm on my second month now. The masks are high quality, offer excellent hydration, and given the price you usually pay for one Korean sheet mask it's very good value. A must-have for skincare enthusiasts!
Megan Hamill on TrustPilot
2 reviews
Best Subscription on the market ❤️
Love love love Sonagi mask subscription 🤍
Best customer service you could ask for ✨ Kind, reliable and what a great concept to try out Korean face masks that you can't get here in the UK! Will continue to recommend to loved one's 🥰
Harriet on TrustPilot
2 reviews
My favourite skincare provider
This company is amazing! Firstly, their business model is incredible, having a subscription based system which delivers 5 genuine Korean skin car face masks through your door is genius. Means I never have to think about going out to buy some, I always have one ready for a self care day.
Secondly, their customer service is outstanding. I had a minor issue where I was missing a face mask in one months batch, I reached out to them and they were so helpful, resolved the problem and even gave me a couple extra bonus masks!
Great company, great morals and I can’t believe the quality of the products and service they provide. Rare to find these days!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are these masks so cheap? Korean sheet masks usually cost much more in the UK

The masks are cheap because we source them directly in Seoul, not relying on anyone else – thus no markup. We buy these masks in bulk directly from the manufacturers or the local Korean distributors, and we pass these savings on to you.

How many masks are included in each subscription box?

Each subscription box contains 5 full sheet masks, providing a full month's supply for comprehensive skincare. Need more? Let us know, and we can add up to 3 additional sheet masks per box. We also offer collagen eye patches for targeted care.

Are these masks suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, our masks are formulated with gentle, natural ingredients specifically for sensitive skin to minimize the risk of irritation and allergic reactions. However, if you have highly sensitive skin, we recommend performing a patch test first.

How does the gift subscription work?

For the gift / pre-paid subscription, you pay a one-time fee at the beginning. We then send you a box of masks every month for the duration of the pre-paid period, and don’t charge you again. After the time expires, your subscription automatically ends and does not have to be cancelled.

If you don’t like subscriptions, or simply prefer to pay in advance, this option might be for you!

Why a Korean beauty box subscription? Can I not just buy the exact mask I want?

Essentially, at these very affordable prices it is not worth it for us to sell individual masks – especially once you take shipping into account.
If enough people ask for it, we might build an actual shop in the future where you can order packs of 10 masks as a one-off. But for now, we think the subscription model works best.

How often will I receive my subscription box?

You will receive a new subscription box every month, ensuring you always have a fresh supply of masks for your skincare routine.

Your subscription will renew on the same day of the month that you placed your first order, i.e. if you start your subscription on July 10th, your next delivery will be on August 10th and so on.

Can I come pick up my box instead of waiting for it to be shipped?

Of course! You can come pick up your box at our warehouse in North London. Please text or email us to make an appointment to pick up your shipment – we don’t have a storefront so unfortunately you can’t just drop by. But if you do come pick up your masks, we will throw in a special gift.

What brands of masks can I expect?

We only source high quality sheet masks from Korea from renowned local brands. These include Innisfree, Dr. Jart, Abib, Cicapair, afterglow, Biodance, Freemay, MediHeal, Dewycel, Torriden. We also try to include masks from up and coming Korean manufacturers that do not have English variants yet – for example 메디힐, 일소, 메디힐, or 더마토리. For these masks we will include printed translations of the Korean instructions on a card.

What kind of masks are included?

We try to offer a large variation of masks in each shipment. For example, a shipment might include a moisturing mask, a calming serum mask, Hyaluron mask, and a Collagen mask. The exact combination of masks depends on the stock we have available and what is trending in Korea. Each monthly drop is carefully curated. You can see an example on our About page.

Are the masks really from Korea?

Unlike other shops in the UK, we only include authentic Korean masks straight from the source. We don’t have any of the fake-Korean (“Fauxrean”) – masks that have Korean writing on them to make them seem Korean but are actually manufactured in Europe – that you can find at many high street shops in the UK.

What happens if I'm not happy with my sheet masks?

In the event that you are not satisfied with the sheet masks you receive, you can simply email us, and we can either process a refund or send you another set of sheet masks. So far, none of our customers have requested new sheet masks or a refund.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can pause, cancel, or reschedule your subscription any time in our online portal by logging in with your email address.

Do you include samples or other goodies?

Yes! Whenever we discover fun new samples in Seoul we pop them into your monthly box for you to try.

How do I store and apply the masks for best results?

Store the masks in a cool, dry place. For an extra refreshing experience, you can refrigerate them before use.

Do you offer vegan and cruelty free masks?

Right now, our mask shipments are not 100% vegan.

We are working with wholesalers and brands in Korea to get enough vegan masks so that we can offer this option in the future. If you sign up for our newsletter we will let you know as soon as it is available.

We are planning on offering a vegan & cruelty free box later this year.

What if my package arrives damaged or incomplete?

If your package arrives damaged or with missing items, please contact our customer support team immediately by emailing We will promptly resolve the issue by sending replacements or offering a refund.

Is the packaging suitable for gifting?

Yes, our subscription boxes are designed with sturdy and attractive packaging, making them perfect for gifting. The package contains no invoice or receipt.

What is your return and refund policy?

We offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your masks, contact our customer support team within 30 days of purchase for a full refund or exchange.

Can I customize my subscription box?

Absolutely! We offer customization options to tailor your subscription box to your skin type and preferences. After receiving your first box, simply contact us with your preferences, and we will adjust your subsequent boxes based on your needs.

Will I have to pay import taxes or duties?

No. We ship from our warehouse in London, so not only will your order arrive really quickly but you will also never have to pay any kind of import duties or fees.

More Questions?
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Why Korean Sheet Masks?

Dive into the world of radiant skin with our exclusive Korean Beauty Box. Curated with love and expertise, this Korean Skincare Box is your monthly ticket to the most sought-after beauty secrets from the heart of Seoul. Each box is a delightful Korean skincare set, handpicked to rejuvenate, hydrate, and illuminate your skin

1. SubscribeSign up to receive 5 different exciting sheet masks every month. We only source high quality masks from Korea and make sure to send a good mix of masks every month.
2. ReceiveEvery month, you will receive a new box of Korean sheet masks. We ship in large padded envelopes so the delivery should fit through your letterbox.
3. ExperienceEnjoy trying out your premium Korean sheet masks! You can reschedule, skip, or cancel at any time on our online portal.
Save 43%
£22 £12.98 per month
No commitment, cancel any time

Why Korean Sheet Masks?

Since the 2000s, the Western approach to skincare has been to strip the skin: removing “bad” stuff like excess oils and clogged pores — these harsh skincare products can be difficult for people with sensitie, acne-prone, or dry skin.

Korean skincare on the other hand is all about nourishing the skin, moisturising it and keeping it dewy and plump. Korean skincare uses natural ingredients wherever possible and is specifically designed with long-term results in mind. Koreans approach skin holistically and gently, rather than relying on harsh, overnight fixes. Hydration is the hallmark cornerstone of all Korean skincare products.

The concentrated essence and application technique of Korean sheet masks means that you get the benefits of using a particular ingredient in one sitting — instead of slowly over months, you blast your skin with a concentrated serum in one evening. This is why we love sheet masks. They allow us to experiment with new ingredients and brands in a simple, affordable, quick way.