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Jade Gua Sha

Jade Gua Sha

Looking to unearth lost cheekbones, firm up a jawline, release tension, decrease puffiness and more?

Sweep this cooling jade quartz massage tool — inspired by ancient Chinese facial techniques — along contours for natural face-lifting.
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“I love this tool! It’s high quality and the colour is so beautiful. Gua Sha can hurt a little if you’re new to it, but it definitely helps with lymphatic drainage”
Louisa from Manchester

How do I use a gua sha stone?

To contour your jawline, hold the stone at a 45-degree angle against your skin and move it from the chin towards the earlobe while applying gentle pressure.

For lymphatic drainage, use the stone at a 0-to-15-degree angle against the skin, starting from the centre of the face and moving outwards towards the ears, lymph nodes and collarbone. This helps reduce inflammation, promotes circulation, and supports overall skin health.

To de-puff your face, start from the centre of your face and then use the gua sha stone at a 90-degree angle to gentle massage and push any excess fluids outwards towards the edges of your face.