About Us

Sonagi, a manifestation of the shared passion of its founders.
In Korea, sheet masks have gained extraordinary acclaim, celebrated for their unparalleled convenience and transformative skincare advantages. These meticulously pre-soaked masks, infused with potent serums, pamper the skin with profound hydration and nourishment.
Offering an extensive selection catering to diverse skin needs, coupled with their affordability and deeply-rooted cultural appreciation for self-care, sheet masks have undeniably secured their place as a cherished beauty essential in Korea.

Sonagi Team

Team Sonagi celebrating the signing of a business deal with some well-deserved pancakes. For unknown reasons, 동균 is eating an ice cream. 

At Sonagi, our mission and unwavering vision revolves around democratising the Korean beauty standard. With fervent dedication, we endeavour to introduce the essence of Korean skincare to the UK, enabling everyone to revel in the transformative power of these incredible sheet masks.
Embracing individuality and self-expression, we aspire to empower each person to embark on a personal journey of skin wellness and confidence.

Join us on this adventure as we embark on a beauty voyage inspired by the rich heritage of Korea, and let Sonagi become your trusted companion in discovering your most radiant, vibrant, and authentic self.


Our Korean headquarters are in the south of Seoul: 

Sonagi Headquarters