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최첨단 한국 스킨케어 영국 도입

Korean skincare is known for its innovation and usage of cutting-edge technology to create powerful formulas. It focuses on prevention and gentleness using high-quality products that consist of natural ingredients.

This comprehensive and scientific approach to skincare makes Korean skin glow with youthfulness.

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Local Brands
At Sonagi, we take pride in our deep-rooted connections with the vibrant local skincare scene in Korea. Our commitment extends beyond well-known labels, as we delve into the heart of Korea’s beauty industry to discover and collaborate with emerging local brands that are making significant waves. Brands like Klairs, CNP, and AHC embody the innovative spirit and dedication to quality that Korean skincare is renowned for. Each month, our subscribers get an exclusive taste of these up-and-coming gems, allowing them to explore a range of products that are beloved locally but might be lesser-known internationally. This approach not only supports local businesses but also ensures our subscribers have access to the freshest and most exciting developments in Korean skincare.
Premium Masks
Our selection process at Sonagi is meticulous, with a clear focus on premium masks that stand out for their quality, ingredients, and efficacy. We partner with brands such as Abib, Dr. Jart+, Nature Republic, Innisfree, MediHeal, and Torriden, known for their exceptional product lines that cater to a variety of skin concerns and types. These brands represent the pinnacle of Korean skincare innovation, combining traditional ingredients with cutting-edge technology to create masks that offer unparalleled experiences. Subscribing to Sonagi means indulging in a luxury skincare journey every month, with each mask promising not just a moment of pampering but noticeable improvements in skin health and appearance.
Exclusive Collaborations
One of the most exciting aspects of Sonagi is our exclusive collaborations with leading Korean skincare brands. These partnerships often lead to the launch of new products, giving our subscribers the unique opportunity to be among the first to try the latest and most innovative sheet masks before they hit the wider market. This insider access is part of what makes Sonagi not just a subscription service, but a gateway to the cutting edge of Korean skincare trends. Our collaborations are carefully curated to ensure that each product aligns with our high standards and our subscribers’ expectations, making each monthly box a highly anticipated delivery filled with potential new favorites.
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What’s in our box: December Edit
Every month, we curate a new edition of our K-Beauty sheet mask box, depending on what masks are new or trending, the current season, and customer feedback. We don’t want to spoil the surprise of this month’s selection, but here is our December box as an example:

이니스프리 마이 리얼 스퀴즈 마누카꿀 마스크
Innisfree Manuka Honey
This Innisfree mask contains both Manuka Honey, renowned for its antioxidant and antimicrobial capabilities, and Innisfree’s “Jeju Green Complex” (green tea, tangerine, cactus, camellia leaves, and orchid). Manuka honey will penetrate deeply, leaving your skin supple and dewy. At the same time, the green tea will act as an anti-inflammatory agent. The ingredients are extracted through a cold brew process to ensure maximum nutrition.
시카페어 인텐시브 수딩 리페어 세럼 마스크
Dr.Jart Cicapair
One of Korea’s most famous skincare companies, Dr.Jart has created this skin-fitting mask drenched in a highly concentrated serum with Tiger Grass Extract and Madecassoside for soothing moisture care, plus nourishing Allantoin and Niacinamide to help strengthen the skin barrier. This mask will calm irritated skin, reduce the look of redness and send a surge of soothing moisture back into skin.
지고트 석류 리얼 앰플 마스크
Jigott Pomegranate
This mask by Jigott contains 27mg of Pomegranate extract as the main ingredient. Pomegranate saturates the skin with vitamins, amino acids, and minerals. This mask has a pronounced lifting effect. It stimulates the process of regeneration and synthesis of collagen, accelerates blood microcirculation, removes toxins, helps to lighten the pigmentation of post‐acne scars, and smoothes existing wrinkles.
네이처리퍼블릭 리얼 네이처 캐모마일
Nature Republic Chamomile
This Nature Republic Chamomile sheet mask is soothing and hydrating. It is made with chamomile extract, known for its ability to refresh the skin, providing a supple and hydrating feeling. This product is part of the Real Nature line, which emphasizes the vitality of natural ingredients. The chamomile extract in the mask provides rich moisture, refreshing the skin and offering a soothing effect.
팜스테이 비저블 디퍼런스 마스크 시트 오이
Farmstay Cucumber
The Farmstay Cucumber sheet mask is designed to rejuvenate tired skin by providing moisture and refreshing vitality. It is infused with fresh cucumber extract, known for its hydrating properties. The mask is rich in vitamins from the cucumber essence, which helps to quench the skin’s thirst and maintain moisture. If you’d like a cooling effect, you can put this mask in the fridge for a day before applying it.
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Our Ingredients
We place an emphasis on clean, natural beauty. We make sure that the ingredients in the masks we curate are as natural as possible. Our never ending quest to find the most effective and trending ingredients on the Korean skincare scene has lead us to stocking masks with Red Ginseng (renowned for it’s anti-aging properties), Bee Propolis (a natural substance that has been proven to smooth skin and protect it from environmental factors such as pollution.), Cica (a herb that decreases inflammation, redness, puffiness and swelling), Ceramides (ultra moisturizing and hold the skin barrier together), Allantoin (popular in Korean skincare for locking moisture into the skin), and Rice Extract (said to increase hydration, making skin plump)

Sonagi Lab

While boiling extraction methods at high temperatures can quickly produce large quantities of extract, most nutrients are inevitably destroyed along the way. In Korea, factories  specifically produce signature essences using low-temperature, megasonic extraction methods below 50˚C to preserve the active components of the ingredients.
Sonagi Lab
Our Sourcing
We source all our masks directly in Seoul, South Korea.
The bustling Myeong-dong district is famous for it’s abundance of skincare shops. Most Korean brands have their flagship stores here, and many of the smaller local companies come here to find buyers.
We also regurlary visit the wholesale beauty district in the western outskirts of Seoul to take advantage of wholesale deals.

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Why Korean Skincare?
Korean Skincare
Since the 2000s, the Western approach to skincare has been to strip the skin: removing “bad” stuff like excess oils and clogged pores — these harsh skincare products can be difficult for people with sensitie, acne-prone, or dry skin.

Korean skincare on the other hand is all about nourishing the skin, moisturising it and keeping it dewy and plump. Korean skincare uses natural ingredients wherever possible and is specifically designed with long-term results in mind. Koreans approach skin holistically and gently, rather than relying on harsh, overnight fixes. Hydration is the hallmark cornerstone of all Korean skincare products.
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Our Values
1. Pursue the natural beauty of skin.
2. Use raw materials with certified reliability.
3. Develop products with the best expert.
4. Only provide the products with best quality and efficacy.
1. 피부 본연의 아름다움을 추구한다.
2. 안정성이 입증된 원료만을 사용한다.
3. 최고의 전문가와 제품을 개발한다.
4. 가장 높은 품질과 효능이 담긴 제품만을 제공한다.