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Content creators, influencers, and review sites are helping their audiences experience K-Beauty, while earning competitive referral commissions, and elevating themselves as leaders in the industry.

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At Sonagi we support your referral success with resources for content creation and conversion optimization. We will also provide you with free sheet masks to use as promotion material! We see our Sonagi Affiliate Partners as they key to growing our brand, and we therefore make sure that we provide win-win incentives.

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Earning with SONAGI is simple, follow the steps below to kickstart your affiliate income

Collabs Step 1
1. Create
Do what you do best, pull out your phone and start creating!
2. Share & Promote
Create content for your audience. Be sure to tag us and use #sonagi. We accept content from TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Threads, Mastodon, Tumblr, or your own blog/website.
Collabs Step 2
Collabs Step 3
3. Get paid
Earn 25% commission on any customers referred by you — forever!
Build your passive income.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the affiliate commission work?

You earn 25% of any payments that any new Sonagi subscriber that uses your discount code makes — forever.

Let’s look at an example: Alice writes a blog post about Sonagi. Every month, 20 of her readers subscribe to Sonagi.
Let’s do the maths:
Sonagi: 20 subscribers paying £12.98/month = £260/month
Alice: 25% of £260/month = £65/month

What happens after month 3
Sonagi: 60 subscribers paying £12.98/month = £780/month
Alice: 25% of £780/month = £195/month
Alice makes £195/month in her 3rd month.

What happens after month 6
Sonagi: 120 subscribers paying £12.98/month = £1560/month
Alice: 25% of £1560/month = £390/month

Alice makes £390/month in her 6th month.

Is there a maximum amount I can earn?

There is no limit to your payout potential. 

As you gain more subscribers, your earnings will increase!

Which currency do you pay in? 

We pay in GBP

How do you pay?

We pay out via Shopify Collabs, which will send your payments to your UK bank account. Don’t have a bank account? Get in touch and we will find a different solution. Alternatively, we can pay you in Korean sheet masks 🫶 

Why would I do an affiliate deal? 

Do you know your audience, and know that they engage and buy stuff? Great! Then this programme is for you. Make hundreds of pounds every month by finding new subscribers. Stop selling your time by creating UGC content for fixed amounts when you could use your reach to make real money long term.

This can provide long-term passive income potential.

Our success is your success.

I don’t know what to do. I’m stuck

We provide content examples for those of you who are lost. We also guarantee constant communication through our staff’s emails and our Insta DM! Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions :)