Vintage Looks from K-Drama HOTEL DEL LUNA

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Vintage Looks from K-Drama HOTEL DEL LUNA



Hotel del Luna has soared to the top, becoming tvN's most celebrated drama of the year, presenting itself not just as a narrative spectacle but also a dazzling fashion parade across its 16 episodes. It was a novel experience for me; for the first time, I encountered what I'd describe as fashion overload while indulging in a Korean series.

The lead, IU, showcases an extraordinary fashion repertoire, exhibiting more than 100 different ensembles throughout the series, averaging a wardrobe switch every seven minutes. The range of her attire is remarkable, extending from exclusive designer pieces valued at upwards of US$4,000 to accessible high-street brands found in well-known retail chains. Insight, a prominent Korean media outlet, reports that the drama's budget for IU's clothing and makeup alone amounted to a substantial US$8,400 per episode. This lavish investment in the show's sartorial element has captured the undivided attention of fashion publications across Asia, each vying to feature this stylistic phenomenon.

The sartorial wizardry that adorned IU in the drama can be credited to Korean stylist Noh Ju-hee, who served as the visionary behind the character's flawless fashion statements. In an interview, Noh Ju-hee revealed that she intentionally selected vintage pieces and bold primary hues to mirror the vibrant essence of IU's character. Remarkably, not a single piece of attire was repeated throughout the series.

Observing IU's seamless transitions from one fashion era to another left me in awe and curious: Is there any fashion style that remains unconquered by her? She effortlessly embodied the evolution of fashion – from the assertive shoulder pad dresses of the 1930s and the tailored peplum suits of the 1940s to the iconic accessories of the 1950s such as capes, gloves, stockings, chokers, gemstone jewelry, berets, and wide-brim hats, and then to the 1960s' frill bibs, translucent fabrics, and voluminous balloon sleeves. With each outfit change, IU invited viewers on a reverent journey through the golden ages of fashion. Now, let's delve into some of the standout styles she championed!

1. Shoulder Pads

IU plays Jang Man-wol, the beautiful but deadly CEO of Hotel del Luna who’s lived 1,300 years. Strong shoulder pads empower her with an authoritative aura. The design also accentuates an hourglass figure when she cinches in her waist with a belt or peplum top, which is coordinated either with a pleated A-line or pencil skirt.


2. Cape

Capes are another way to channel feminine power. Instead of wearing sheer cloaks which would make her look shapeless, Man-wol flaunts dresses inset with structured cape sleeves. The result is a graceful but also enigmatic silhouette that reflects her status as the most formidable and stylish person in the hotel. 

3. Peplum

Man-wol relies on double-breasted peplum coats for military flair. White stockings, gloves and gem jewelry add vintage appeal, and she balances the look with modern hair-dos and makeup.


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